Here's What People are Saying About Our Preschool


"Whether it is upholstering a chair or tasting samples at a farmer’s market, creating art from found materials or discovering the sounds of the Aleph-Bet, Kirschenbaum’s passion to educate children in a happy, child-directed manner shines through.
Chabad Lubavich World News (August 2016))

Kids learn music, science and art in a "homeschool setting."
-DNAinfo (May 2016)

"We had been looking at a lot of preschools downtown, but as soon as Elisheva opened her mouth, we knew we were sending our children to her future program. She spoke about kids and their education and especially their Jewish education in such a radiantly joyful way, and made it all sound like such a fun adventure."
-Parent to Parent interview (January 2014)

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