We have been thrilled with our experience at Osher ELC. The loving and personal attention that every child receives, the dual language curriculum, and the focus on inculcating kindness and love as core Jewish values have made it an ideal learning environment for our son.

Rabbi Micha’el Rosenberg

There are so many things I love about this school, it is hard for me to even begin. It feels different from everywhere else we’ve visited. It’s just an incredibly joyful place. You drop off your child, and you don’t want to leave. Parents always joke about this with the teachers. The director looks for certain qualities in her teachers that are all too often overlooked —intellectual flexibility, optimism, humor—and this feeds into the joyful “spirit” of the school. My son loves going and the amount he has learned is unbelievable. He comes home singing Hebrew songs (we speak zero Hebrew at home), and wants to recreate the science experiments from school to show his little brother. We really could not be any happier.
Anna Pervukhin

SL usually asks “time to go to gan?” within her first few minutes awake every morning, and I understand why. She is always talking about her teachers and friends. . . We are especially fond of her teachers who are so attuned to her emotional development and readily able to discuss issues we’re having.
Rachel Davis

What stands out is the dedication and commitment of the staff. Boaz had a hard transition to being left alone at school, and everyone was willing to work with us to make it a positive experience for him. The activities are terrific, and there are multiple opportunities for learning. Last week, we went to Wave Hill for a family art project. I could not believe how nicely Boaz sat and painted in a crowded room filled with kids of all ages. I know he learned those skills at school.
Gisele Garelik

I am so happy with the school. Ateret loves it! She comes home singing all of the songs she learns, and she is so proud of her art projects. I love the focus on Hebrew language, Parsha and holidays, areas in which she has learned so much.
Aviva Stern

We love Osher. Both our kids attend every day and have a ball. The activities are engaging, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the teachers are very genuine. From the first day, my daughter (at the age of 18 months) waved goodbye to me and didn’t look back. My son (soon to be 4) loves the teachers and the other children and is learning to read Hebrew and English . . . I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my kids!!
Maya Hartman

Anyone interested in the school is highly encouraged to speak to the parents of the children who currently attend. Please email the director for their contact information.