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Orientation Form and Instructions

  • IMPORTANT : Please send or email two photos (can be color printed from your computer): one of your child and one family photo.

    Please make sure to send your child with the following items:

    -  3 large boxes Clorox anti-bacterial wipes

    -  3 boxes tissues

    -  2 bottles handwashing soap

    -  1 box baby wipes (Huggies/Kirkland or equivalent)

    -  Two (2) full changes of clothes (long-sleeved shirt and pants, underwear, socks):

    If your child isn't yet toilet trained :

    -  Supply of diapers, labeled

    -  Supply of wipes, labeled (in addition to the above-mentioned wipes)

    -  Box of Large latex gloves

    If your child is in Kitah Aish, group 3-5 yrs.

    - This siddur My First SingAlong Siddur

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