sequencing frogsThe school space is set up to encourage self-initiated and self-directed learning.

A significant portion of each day is devoted to free exploration — children can choose among multiple “centers,” which vary day to day, and might include sensory table, puzzle station, pretend play, and painting.

In addition to revolving STEM toys, every week there are several “science stations,” where the children learn to ponder things like floating and sinking, viscosity, air bubbles, and electricity.

We keep a “construction center” with materials like old clocks, egg cartons, leftover scrabble letters, or feathers for the children to sort through and use when this center is open.

We keep a careful balance of children-only play and teacher-involved play.

We do also make time for more traditional activities, like circle time, story time, and short teacher-directed lessons which are followed by a related activity or project.

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